Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knowledge is the Secret™

Knowledge is the Secret™ is what we do at the BBQ Institute®

A question we get all the time is what style of BBQ do we teach. The answer is not what people expect, our style is great barbecue done right. We teach people the knowledge they need to cook great barbecue. Great barbecue is meat that is moist, tender and has great flavor before you optionally use sauce. Regional styles are the choice of wood, rubs and sauce. Once you understand the history and science behind choosing a piece of raw meat and turning it into great BBQ, the regional styles are a relatively minor change. Done right does not mean a rigid set of rules. One example of rigid rules is cooking temperatures. We know people who consistently win at the national level cooking at both low temperatures and high temperatures. The lowest temperature to use is dictated by food safety concerns. 225°f is a good rule of thumb for the limits of space here. The highest temperature is determined by your equipment and the quality of the meat. Our rule of thumb is the right highest temperature, is what your cooker won't burn the meat at. For some pellet cookers that can be as low as 275°f for brick pits with tall brick smokestacks that may be 400°f. To steal a political term we believe in outcome based barbecue, do your friends and loved ones, love it? That's what's important! Our goal is to share that knowledge with our students so they can consistently cook great barbecue.
Knowledge also comes from education and "experience." I see many students especially ones on a commercial track try to replace experience with education.  Little to zero experience before opening can have disastrous results.  There is NO substitute for making your own mistakes.

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